Thursday, 19 March 2015

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Thursday, 19 March 2015 11:58
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Lies, danged lies and statistics

•Sex (non rape) up 7.5%
•Rape up 1.8%
•Kidnapping down 10.5%
•Theft (other) down 11.5%
•Aggravated burglaries down 4.7%
•Residential burglaries down 3.1%

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay said the figures showed people were becoming more likely to report sex offences.

"We think that's associated with the royal commission and parliamentary inquiry into sex offences and the like, people are feeling more comfortable now bringing these issues to the police notice."

Applying the same logic, one may conclude that burglary and theft are down about 11% because that's how people are LESS comfortable now bringing these issues to the police. Which is certainly true for me, - I had some equipment stolen from a shed, then my car was broken into and in both times police did nothing except recording the reports. Besides, they took my reports as something truly unimportant in their line of duty. And they let me know from a start that "little could be done", and they were true to their word. So I am less likely to report such an event in the future to the police. Why should I waste my time? And their time as well?

On other hand, my personal past domestic problems with shouting and a classic dish throwing scene preceding the divorce about seven years back were a cause for an enthusiasm amongst our local police department. Two policemen visited our house and I felt something really important is going on. So I went and hired an expensive lawyer and followed his advise to the letter. That's how I did not become part of modern upward trend of family violence. Oh, wait, I spoiled the burglaries and theft downward trend a bit as well. But never more. I already feel anti-social enough. Thanks.


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